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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nude Study

I painted a mugshot today but it turned on me in the end and I had to wipe it. Will try tomorrow. Today I am posting a study I did Monday night in a painting group. We have a model and do 4 30 minute poses. At the end of the session we did a quick 15 minute pose (this one) and I was able to get it down in broad strokes with the parts in the right place and the values pretty much ok. I feel encouraged because I see that I am learning to condense visual info faster and establish the form without too much thinking. I just want the image to go from my eye to my hand without cerebral detour.


  1. Seems to be working for you! Very nice, Jean!!

  2. Nice, Jean! Well done in 15 minutes!

  3. Really love the way you reduced this figure to her essential elements, the boldness in the way the planes change, and the warm light on her. It's very dramatic with pale cool areas and dark warm shadows. Also love her movement and gesture. It's terrific!

  4. Cerebral detour comment is perfectly said! I've been away for awhile, but just spent a bit visiting your beautiful paintings I've the banner painting!

  5. Jean... just went back and looked at all your wonderful paintings on Fresh Paint ! you are amazing, woman ! so prolific ! I love your paintings....literally ALL of them ! I especially love your portraits... so fresh, so fun, and so unique !