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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reclining Nude Study

Still more wiping...full moon I hear.
This is the last of 4- 30 minute paintings from the painting group, first 3 really unspeakably bad and I could feel myself sliding into the abyss, and then I got one! I am quite proud of myself when I do an acceptable one because working with this time limit and all the discomfort of bad light, French easel, forgot the necessary color (cad yellow), etc., requires such absolute concentration that I lose all self consciousness. Then I am exhausted and have to have a beer.
I will be in North Carolina for a few days helping my father celebrate his 90th birthday. Maybe when I take up the brush again the wiping phase will be done.


  1. Wonderful job in 30 minutes! I really like the warmth in her hands and on her arm. Really nice!

    Where do you go for this class?

  2. This is a very inpressive little study!

  3. Oh Jean, I laughed out loud when I read this. This painting is definitely a keeper, good post!!

  4. Thank you, all

    Regarding the class - 4 or 5 of us meet weekly, pay $10 a session and we hire a model to sit, then we paint like crazy. It is pretty disciplined (one of us,not me, is the designated fascist) and we time everything so we don't descend into cocktail party talk. We do 2 30 minute poses with a 5 minute break between, a 10 minute break, then repeat the first half. I have learned so much in this group. Very helpful!