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Monday, March 12, 2012

Mugshot 47

This was a straight forward attempt to just get a likeness! I finally got it though after a few wipe downs. Mostly the likeness just appears without too much agony if all the shapes and darks are correct, but sometimes, if I can't get it fairly soon in the process, I can't see things correctly any more. And then I want to put my foot through it.


  1. Awesome, Jean! I love everything about this portrait; the strokes, color, lighting, values, composition...bravo!

  2. Such a phenomenal job on this! You captured a personality and a soul. And yes, I know what it's like to want to put my foot through it all! This guy lives!!!!

  3. Jean, your portraits, especially this one (omg) are absolutely fantastic. I love all your work but your portraits are Superb. Hat off to you!

  4. Jean,
    This is one of the best face paintings that I've seen. The shadow and the eyes were painted beautifully!
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  5. great painting... so much expression, Jean !