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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mugshot 51, and Value Study 1

The top painting is a mugshot that I set up myself with strong lighting so I didn't have that police glare flattening out all the forms and making hell of my painting life, much much easier to see stuff. And the second little painting, (these always photograph so much better for some reason) is the first of the value studies for the Liz Wiltzen challenge (50 in 30 days). It requires black and white and 2 other values only, so these are quick to do, but I have to say it was really exciting! I felt like I was painting a Philip Guston, so direct, and oh, the heaven of using black from the tube! The most notable issue was this: I had to decide where to shave the value down or up so I could include everything in 4, therefore, I was NOT painting what I saw, but what I decided to see. Verrrrry interrrestinK. And so strong, this little one.


  1. I think this is your best mug yet! It definitely helps to have good lighting.
    I like your value study, too. I'm going to do some as well and looking forward to starting them. Thanks for the inspiration!