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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mug shot 57, Blue Parrot Waiter

This is one of those no neck guys, and he was actually quite trim.
Last night in my painting group one of the really good painters let me sit behind her and watch while she worked, providing I did not speak.  I learned a lot about moving the paint around.  She used big bristle brushes for large areas of skin, I don't know what that seemed so revolutionary to me, but has been difficult for me to do. Seeing her do it helped. Also, once she put the paint down, she sort of moved it around over areas (in the beginning stages) and in her  finished painting there was the look of wet fluid paint which is what you need for skin, and maybe everything - because oh the beauty of the paint itself alone! Aside from all the other  thousand skills you need for painting, I guess paint handling is right up at the top.  Another issue I had with this, is that the photograph did not have many areas of strong darks, because the light was coming from the front toward his face and it was pretty evenly lit.  That studio lighting with a strong spotlight coming from one direction makes things much easier.  Anyway, I sort of got him.


  1. I'm sure you've got him because he looks absolutely 'real'. I feel as though I've met him. Wonderful.

  2. Beautifully painted, Jean! He does look real—you've captured a personality who seems good-hearted and soulful. (But then I thought Osama Bin Laden looked like a gentle guy!)

  3. That's so funny, Lorraine, I thought so too, OSBL had those Omar Shariff eyes...

  4. This is so GOOD! Wonderful job on those skin tones. Did you paint the eye socket dark first?