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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Italian Paintings/ Two Plums

These  two plums are from a little tree very near to the exact coordinates of the spot my father landed in Italy when he parachuted out of a plane just prior to its crashing into a lake in 1943.

I painted this on card stock. I was in a hurry to get it down and didn't have a smaller sheet, and I didn't have a natural boundary to relate to as I worked -- very uncomfortable! I should have drawn myself a square to work within, will know for next time. Here I have just cropped it with the camera.
Am still sneaking up on the landscape as subject, taking walks in the early morning and evening, trying to find the light conditions that are most compelling. You could die of beauty here in Italy.


  1. I am so damn jealous! Orvieto was one of my Favorite places. So, you must be kind of close to it? I am so excited for you and this wonderful adventure. Enjoy the landscape and guests!!

  2. Hey, my comment disappeared! Let's try this again... soooo enjoying these little glimpses into your adventure. Next time we see each other, I want to hear all about it over a nice bottle of Italian wine. I love our house and town, but I do wish sometimes that we lived somewhere scenic, somewhere where we were lured outside by beauty.

  3. Lovely feel to this with color and contrast. Maybe you should always not have boundaries and crop after? Maybe best to not plan for next time . . . so many opportunities and surprises in seeing when in a discomfort zone. And this painting specifically must have held a lot of meaning for you. Hope you're having a helluva adventure!