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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Italian Paintings/ Nectarines

I been painting hard and happily, very proud of myself. Two weeks and my time in Italy is over.
I've  been having to wipe lots of things but am not too distressed about this for some reason. So good to be painting. This fruit painting is a warm up for the second half of a portrait, the first half of which went swimmingly and then made me afraid I would lose it in the second session. I thought the warm up would get me past this and it did! And then I lost the portrait anyway. I always try to get everything done in one session for this reason, but maybe I am at a crossroad now, maybe I have to learn how roll over into that next session with some - aplomb. Because everything  can't reasonably be finished in one or two sessions, too fatiguing, then bad decisions.
These nectarines were enormous and perfectly ripe and sweet the day I bought them from my fruit guy, whose shop is right outside my door. All the fruit is perfect.


  1. What timing! I was just saying to L last night, "Jean must be coming back to the States soon." Then I went back through this summer's posts and counted the three months and figured you were about two weeks out.

    This painting is beautiful! The color gradation from the yellow to the red parts of the nectarine make them pop off the page. We're on vacation in North Carolina, and we've been eating lots of fresh peaches from the fruit stands around here. Going to bring some home to the neighbors. :)

  2. Beautiful, Jean! How do you feel about leaving Italy? Your posts have and paintings have been lovely and I think I will miss you being there.