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Monday, April 25, 2016

Mugshot 104: Portrait of the Immigration Lawyer (12 x16 inches oil on panel)

This is the nicest guy ever, the guy you would want to be your lawyer if you HAD to have one. He attends  the same drop in life drawing session I go to, and agreed to let me shoot him under the model's light -- which as you can see is extreme from the top down, a very friendly situation for painting. There was a painting on the wall  behind him which I took out and then put back because  -- well, this guy can really draw and yet is a lawyer, and I think all lawyers should have to take some life drawing classes along the way and learn to see human beings with some tenderness, and when I am dictator.....
But really, this painting is all about the plaid shirt.


  1. WOW Jean. This is fab!!! Love your painting style :)

  2. I had been admiring your portrait of "Frida" and how touched I was by her humanity, how emotionally you painted her and then I saw this post. It's so great to see how you're moving forward in capturing character, turning inside to the outside and making it visible. You've made the most of this lighting! His dandelion puff-ball hair and forehead ascending while the rest of his head seems so determined and resolute and earthbound. And, yes, of course, I am riveted by the plaid shirt. Also love your abstract . . .

  3. I absolutely love your portraits.....awesome shirt as well!!!! I do portraits in pastel and only one in oil.... Not confident enough yet.. Lol