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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Mug shot 106: Casper (Oil on linen, 16 x18 inches)

Although I have not posted at all since May I have been painting consistently but wiping most of them.  This one though is a commission and I used real linen and worked larger, life size -- so I knew I had to  take the painting all the way to the finish line.  That  sort of altered the way I tackled it.  Also I did a few preliminary oil sketches to get familiar with everything and  had a wee bit more confidence when I got down to business.  I just loved his face, his  level gaze. And the plaid, the plaid!


  1. Fabulous painting Jean. It's really well executed and yes, I love the plaid too. Well done.

  2. So that's where you've been! You nailed this portrait and the plaid!
    Happy Holidays