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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Study for Dew Rag

I had to take a little break from painting because I suddenly couldn't painting anything. I just hit 500 posts (beginning Feb. 2010) so I figure maybe a little shift is due, and maybe drawing is a good way to decompress. I have been attending a couple of life drawing sessions a week for a while and loving it, just beginning to use decent paper now and be relaxed about it. The best class I have found so far has 2 hours of 15 minute poses, which gives me enough time to get it down but not enough to overwork. And oh, the psychological freedom of doing something for only 15 minutes and tearing it out and tossing it over your shoulder! But there is always a moment in the drawing when I find myself irritated at having to make marks to cover a space that would be better done with a brush. I guess that is progress really, that I have moved to thinking of mass and form first rather than line. So yay for that one, that was hard come by.
No matter how good drawing is, and it can be good, it is never as good as painting. For moi.

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