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Friday, January 6, 2012

The Lemon Trials.....

I am about done with this lemon thing, has been interesting. I have been looking at a DVD about Robert A. Johnson, a taping of a workshop I think, and of course he shows a whole new way to paint and also a palette with some colors I haven't used before, so there is lots to play with. In this painting I used for the first time terra rosa, which when mixed with ultramarine makes a very civilized blue grey, even going to a rich black, which is behind the lemon. In the DVD he works on a still life in a much looser way than I am used to, but I like the play, the give and take of shaping form that is gradual rather than getting it in stone on the first go. The paint intermingles more this way too. He can even speak intelligently about painting in general as he is doing it, which is impressive. He mentioned the difficult but important goal of being able to paint without thinking, my kind of guy, and also said this was a result of lots and lots of painting. I found considerable consolation in that, because as long as
you keep painting, could happen.

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