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Friday, February 3, 2012

Mugshot 46: Queen Mariana of Austria (2) after Velazquez

This was the painting I was really wanting to copy because it was mostly black and grey and only the face was treated with luminous color. I think this must have been a study for a final portrait as so much of it is abbreviated, for instance the bodice is just suggested. And that hair! It looks like coiled intestines stuffed into a head dress. Most everything including hair is a combination of ultramarine blue and raw umber. I had forgotten what beautiful browns and grays can be made with them. The skin was this pale I swear! I worked from a 2x3 inch image from a museum postcard. Learned so much!


  1. Jean, I admire your painting, but I swear you made me laugh out loud! Coiled intestine!

  2. Both of these copies are amazing, Jean! I am so impressed that you tackled them and they are so beautiful. And like Virginia .... LOL!!