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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Timed Painting 4: Karma

Karma again, this time on black gesso with her hair to one side. I am halfway through Michael Gruber's The Forgery of Venus (riveting read, protagonist a painter!) which is about Velazquez. It is a psychological/ metaphysical/ science fiction/ art mystery and there are naturally some Italian art terms in it including "sprezzatura". This means studied carelessness according to the computer dictionary, but I think the word has no sense of affectation to it, it means the lack of laboriousness and resulting ease because the subject is so thoroughly understood. Of course I am beating to death the perfect effervescent word here, but when painting is not overworked and you have somehow caught the thing, it is such a triumph! In 30 minute paintings there is no chance to overwork, they are always fresh, even if they are wrongly painted.


  1. Another good one, Jean. I think you are right in that painting in a specific amount of time gives you no time to overwork or over think a painting. I like your little book summary, too. Especially the new word, which I will never be able to use because I have no memory! I am enjoying your series with Karma as your model.

  2. Love seeing these timed sessions! I got up my nerve to paint last Sat at our open figure class. Will post soon- you give me courage!