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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mugshot 55

In this one I used a purple/yellow palette as opposed to yesterday's red/green.  By this I mean, I mixed a large amount of winsor red and ultramarine blue to make a dark purple, then combined it with yellow ochre to give me a good gray. I worked from this base, combining other colors as needed, particularly viridian to give me some cooler grays and some violet blues where ever I could arrange that.  This is the second go at this possible family member who happily eschews the computer, and therefore won't be upset.  She has  always had the most fabulous skin, luminous in fact, so it is a challenge to paint it.  I tried again to have the background be made from the color of the turning edge of the shadow, but it has photographed bluer that it really is.  I was going for atmospheric grey/blue/purple, the color of air.  Sort of.

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