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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Farm Girl Jam Label, Blackberry, and Portrait of Gir

Top painting is the last of the Farm Girl Jam Labels, Blackberry Jam.
Below is the amazing painting of a current student.  This noble Chihuahua is named Gir.
As in GRRRRR. So fine!

1 comment:

  1. This comment was sent directly to me by Ralph Turturro:
    wonderful work by teacher and student...the noble noble...chihauhua named Grrrr is so warm and so lovingly painted...Bravo to Studenti e' El Maestro! Bravo! I said Mz Townsend...yu are a fine and wonderful painter and as well a fine and wonderful teacher for it shows in your student's painting of the noble Chihuahua named Girrrrr. The Painting is alive and warm and my Italian family...which often spoke a strange dialect of the actual Italian....we would say about this work 'Oooo-preege' take great pride in what you have done...and then also...Bravo Studenti e maestro! Bravo!