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Monday, November 12, 2012

Mugshot 73: Baby 3

On the last two babies I used a winsor red/viridian combination for the basic dark out of which I worked all the other flesh tones. In this one I used a purple/yellow combination just to see what it would look like. Pretty much the same overall, but I kept all the colors in the purple/yellow range for continuity. Also used a paler background this time to see if the color in the face is stronger (not so much) and to see what the softer color overall looks like.  I think still the color could be stronger in the skin, more pigment.  There is SO MUCH gray, a million pearly grays.  I think more experimenting...


  1. Jean - I can't believe how your colors are so great with purple and yellow. I loved the other baby mixtures too with the red/veridian...but PURPLE!!!!
    This is amazing and beautiful.

  2. These babies are amazing, Jean. I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch you mix colors and paint! Of course, with my luck you'd get out the fly swatter! :(

  3. I love that your thought process is to not be sentimental with the babies. Makes for a strong portrait!