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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Larry's Bouquet

This is a little painting for the birthday of my friend and neighbor, Larry, who grows loverly flowers and then he and his wife let me have cutting privileges in their garden. They are the Veuve Cliquot of neighbors.


  1. Perfect Jean, just perfect. I love the "Larry" in the background too!

  2. Jean, happy anniversary. I missed by a little. You are la crême de la crême of bloggers. Love looking over your many paintings. Beautiful, inside and out.

  3. je vous souhaite de partager un joyeux anniversaire avec votre voisin et ami... Une peinture fantastique.
    Gros bisous

  4. Lucky Larry! What a beautiful gem of a painting.

  5. Of course, your not-so-sophisticated neighbors had to look up "Veuve Cliquot." Google translate was no help, but I believe I discovered it's a fine champagne?

  6. This little painting absolutely sparkles with love and good will! A beauty!