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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rubber Gloves, Soap

The really aggressive orange of these gloves is not photographing accurately, but I want to try painting them again anyway. One of the problems I have working in this small format is that my brain's default setting is always, LIFE SIZE. I usually have a long period at the beginning of a small painting getting the drawing right for the canvas size. And I always think of Bonnard, who worked on large unstretched canvases so he didn't have to deal with this issue. However, I like very much doing these small paintings and plan to re-train my brain to adapt. Unlike Bonnard, who could do anything he wanted because he made the most tender beautiful paintings in the world.


  1. Hi Jean,
    Connais-tu Edouard Vuillard, école de Bonnard.
    J'adore, il travaillait les intérieurs d'une manière magique.
    Ton gant, il est plein de vie. Il est las! et a certainement travaillé un bon moment.

  2. Merci, Martine, vous êtes très drôle. Et oui, Vuillard est mon autre amour.

  3. Hi Jean, My brain, too, has that default for life-size that I'm trying to overcome, for the same reason as you: one can learn so much more by doing lots of small paintings. Although, there is something to learn by zooming in on larger objects and focusing on abstracting a composition of real things. My other brain defect is to paint objects individually while forgetting to pay attention to the entire canvas. I am finally painting again! I love Bonnard!