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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nasturtium Leaves and Peach

Bwa - ha -ha! I am getting it! I know I have done a little Peggi Kroll Roberts painting here, and I am proud to say it. The second painting is the value study, then I tried out the color on top of the already stated values before I assigned them to the colored painting, this is from her value to color exercise. I like the strength and life of the painting and hope in time to absorb this into my own method, whatever that might be. It has been very helpful to be simultaneously working in Jennifer Balkan's class on the same issues: values of the figure. (I will post my graduation painting tomorrow.) The class was very small, only 4 of us, so we got lots of loving attention and weren't allowed to slack off for a moment. I learned so much and it was really fun. Also the other people were hilarious, you know who you are... Thanks to Jennifer for a great and challenging class.


  1. Glad you posted this. I have been wanting to try this approach. Now maybe I will love your blog.

  2. Really interesting paintings! I like the back lighting. It makes the leaves and peach almost a silhouette. The yellow highlight on the peach is really nice, too. I've done value paintings as an exercise, but never painted them with colors afterwards. Good job!