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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Grapefruit and White Napkin

Big brush, harsh light, simple forms in this one, the object was to find a way to knit the forms together into a painting. I like the word knit for this process, Catherine Kehoe used it in a lecture she gave recently at Mass Art. I wish I had been there to hear it! It is posted on her website


  1. I've been away way too long and I see I've missed your beautiful paintings. A cut up grapefruit is a familiar sight in my house and you've nailed that gorgeous red/orange/pink flesh. There's so much I want to comment on here, but I'm trying to be brief. This is a very successful composition, love the variety in the different sized grapefruit shapes, then the horizontal lines breaking the curved shapes; wow, very well done, Jean!

  2. Magnifique peinture... pleine de vitamines pour commencer la journée!... Très belle composition et joli drapé.

  3. Hello Jean,
    I love your grapefruit painting, and thank you for mentioning artist Catherine Kehoe, I haven't seen her work before and loved looking at her paintings, and listening to her lecture.

  4. Excellent! I could see it was a grapefruit even from the tiny thunbnail