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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Purifying Mask On Green

First, thank you everyone for such funny and kind comments on the last painting. I had this brainstorm that if I whited up my face it might be easier to see the planes of values, which it was, except I couldn't or didn't get the mask stuff on evenly enough to keep my skin from showing through in some places, which made for warm ruddy areas next to cool whites -aaaugh! In this one (I was out on the back porch trying to keep the neighbors from seeing me in whiteface and my underwear) there was an interesting slice of bright light that made it around the porch post and hit the side of the face, so there was an opportunity to find the brightest white possible. A good exercise in whites.


  1. If the neighbors got any good photos, please share!! :-)

    So good, Jean!!

  2. I love your paintings, I put you among my favorites!

  3. I was a full-time professional clown for 32 years. Once, a mud show (outdoor circus) came thru Wichita. I went to the show. They had a lady clown that had an identical color scheme. White with a little red on the lips. That all! It was very simple, but she was one of the best clowns I have ever seen! That was about 30 years ago and I have never forgotten her. Thank you for this painting that reminded me of that happy memory!

  4. these are so cute and dynamic. I love them.

  5. So I opened my newest issue of American Art Collector, and there you were looking back at me! I recognized you instantly. Fun!