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Monday, June 20, 2011

Peony Study

I sprang for some peonies. They are my most favorite flower, raggedly beautiful and the fragrance has not been bred out of them. However, I have never painted them before because they are so full of shredded petals and I don't know what to do with all that. This is the second try, but I figure if I stick at it, I will get it eventually. I am looking at everybody else's peonies on line for help, and also I have a little book of Manet's Last Flowers, which has them. Manet's peonies are so minimal they are like puffs of steam, but essentially a peony. I think some types might be easier to paint than others.... some have larger petals and some have lots of shred. I tried to take the easy way out but only the shredded ones were in my grocery store.


  1. Jean, we really love it. We want it, if it hasn't sold yet.

  2. This is a beautiful painting, Jean! I love the shadows around the vase--especially the pink reflected in the shadow on the wall. Great job on the water and the glass, too. I know this painting is about the peonies, but I'm loving the small details, too.