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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mug Shot Six and Forms on Aluminum Foil

First the study, this is my entry for the challenge at Some Texas Artists Like to Paint, the topic this month is Upside Down, which these reflections are. To see what others have done, you will have to go to Blogger won't let me put a link in for some reason.

Next, the mug shot. I tried to find somebody mean looking to paint and to paint him in a mean way. I could have been meaner. It's hard to not be enthralled with a human being that you are scrutinizing, looking up their nostrils, etc. I know, I know, paint what you see. But that itself is a vast philosophical question.


  1. Great mug shot. He has a questioning look.

  2. He is wondering something about you...
    Had you something strange on your head?
    Very nice expressive portrait!

  3. I would not want to mess with mugshot 6- agree he does look a bit puzzled. Really nice upside down challenge painting. You got it girl!

  4. Beautiful...both paintings. Love everything about this mug painting, your bold, chunky brushstrokes are superb!