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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Value Study 10

I gave some thought to  the traveling rhythm of an elongated horizontal composition, how the forms would touch and separate - it's a whole universe! just that, the touching and not touching, the syncopation of it, and then the forming of a whole as well.  This was fun and illuminating.  I spent more time on the thinking planning part than the painting, maybe 40 minutes for the painting.  And the early morning just waking up time and the standing in line at the post office time, etc. for the planning. I also darkened my  light/medium value, so I was using the requisite 4 values, black, white, dark gray and light gray, but a darker light gray than previously.  I am becoming more aware of what would be the better workable values for the desired end.


  1. Thanks for reminding me that the thought process preceeding is as important as the painting process.I love too working in this format.Love it without color, as it is perfect.

  2. Jean, you are getting it! Way to go woman - isn't it exciting when you start to see opportunities to connect shapes into patterns with lost edges (due to painting them the same value?) Yipee!

    BTW, I see you haven't painted a value study since early May, so consider this your friendly kick in the butt.