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Friday, May 24, 2013

LA Found Plants 3

Found this hibiscus-like flower in a hedge on the way to the Asian Grill and Donut Shop early this morning.  I used my green thrift store polo shirt and my mouse pad.  Also, I have been using medium so the paint is more slippery, trying to have the paint application be more fluid.


  1. Excellent colour even here through my screen. Nicely done!

  2. Hey Jean, so good to see your found LA flowers, hope you are settling in, adjusting and embracing change.(HA! Sounds good, but oh so hard.)

  3. Hi, my friend. I have de-camped for the year to Alabama. My year is almost finished, and I will be going back to Austin. Love your tenacity, your design and your colors. xoxox

  4. Jean, so fun to read your comments. I've been using more medium. too. I can tell a difference. I'm trying abstracts, too, which mean the paint is applied much differently for me. Love your little hibiscus 'find'.....