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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Two Peaches, 5x7 inches

For reasons too magnificent, complicated
 and surprising to state here, I am posting from Italy where I will be living and painting for -- yes, I can't believe it myself -- three months.  I am in an apartment in Bolsena about 6o miles from Rome. 
My working conditions are awkward - I am painting in the bathroom because the light can be somewhat controlled there and also the floor is tiled,  so  no worries
 if I make a mess.  The apartment has white couches, I am in constant terror of this!
I figure I have had about a year away from the easel now and I am certainly feeling it, hobbled in every way. Also, I am working with a reduced palette and on some sort of carton board impregnated with resin so the brush drags and the paint won't move, waaa,waaaa!
Nothing to do but throw oneself in the briar patch.
Thank for all your comments, guys, so good to have them and to be back painting, I suffered without it.! Jean


  1. Wow, it really has been a year... that's crazy. We've missed you painting!

  2. Great to see a post and know you're there! Painting in Italy—must feel like heaven!