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Monday, October 13, 2014

Mugshot (Worried Baby), California House (No.1)

8x8 inches, oil on panel

Back in the USA, have gathered wits,  set up a new studio, made a dress out of a bean bag, etc.,
and here I am again at the starting gate. So to speak. I am fortunate that I have a whole long string of paintings that must be done - I love this - but I have to enter slowly and work up to my maniac speed. So these first ones are re-entry paintings.  One of the great aspects of warm ups is: (they don't really count), therefore there is no reason to be afraid.

8x8 inches oil on panel

This is also a beginner painting, my first landscape. It was interesting do it...not scary, sort of meditative, thinking about what was happening with the spaces, paying attention to the shifts that happen as the values go down. I want to learn this so that next year, in Italy, I can feel comfortable outside painting. This is from a photograph, but I want to be outside then, in the future, in my Italian life.

1 comment:

  1. Worried baby is outstanding...your brush work is wonderful ... and I googled Ellen Heck and her Forty Fridas ....loved it...thank you for sharing!