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Friday, October 24, 2014

Value Study No. 1 (N.)

6 inches square, oil on panel

So --- I'm taking a class, a tonal painting class, taught by a robust and opinionated Russian (who will not be reading this blog) and he is beating his ideas into me. I'm so happy.  This is a small tonal study for a larger painting. I did it all with a weeny brush and just moving back and forth between light and dark sculpting the shapes. I was surprised at how easy it was, and how thoughtful a process. There was a lot more play in the paint than the way I usually work.  The Russian says, hide 70 % of detail   and show 30%. (I'm not there yet.)  And also, make yourself do small studies because is easier to see the patterns of light and dark. So I am, and it's true, and pleasant and quick.

1 comment:

  1. Da!!! Horoshow! (I don't know how you'd spell that with English letters, but that's the phonetic spelling of the word "good" in Russian. :D)