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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Perch on Glass Plate

I learned many things with this fish. First, I got a new camera, a Nikon coolpix, $150, and it does everything I ever dreamed of and more which I hope to learn about. Then: I laid down my white highlight areas first and worked into them, much more successful in keeping the whites clean. Also: I bought of tube of Cadmium Green to experiment with and it makes subtle but light filled greenish greys, very happy with this.
In addition, I went blogsnooping and found Dan Carr. (Google him, I can't remember where I found him.) He has painting videos! So helpful. His blog is very journal like, with lots of erudite information and musing. He did mention this term, though, that made me cower: excess color syndrome. I might have a case of ECS.


  1. This is really nice, Jean. The colors are beautiful and the composition is good. You did a nice job with the glass plate, too.

    I am going to google Dan Carr. Thanks for the info.

  2. If anyone is interested - -

  3. Jean ton poisson est très réussi et encore frais! Les couleurs douces que tu as ingénieusement employées le rendent encore très vivant. Bravo.
    Merci pour gentil mail.

  4. Love this painting and your work in general, glad I stumbled on it.