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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Red Onions on White Cloth, 4

I am loving these onions, however they are not yet the way I want them. I want exaggeratedly strong and alive. They are so robust in real life, really huge and patent leather shiny. So back at them right away.


  1. Hi jean,
    Your onions are very beautiful...
    Your choice of colors is gorgeous. I like the light. I hope you're happy with them! Don't cry with them!!! but a crystallized of onions is very good.
    Best regards.

  2. Hi Jean,
    You are achieving a great sense of light and the shallots in the foreground feel very free, but (and I hope you don't mind comments from someone who is still struggling) could it be that your desire to paint white iridescent cloth is conflicting with your desire to paint the patent leather shiny onion? I constantly have to make myself focus on making a "painting" instead of painting objects. Keep on!

  3. Hi Lorraine,
    I welcome even the most brutal criticism, no worries there.
    Regarding your making a painting vs. painting the parts of the painting:
    I don't know how to make the painting - when I end up with a painting I am always surprised. And it is not often that it is a painting. Can you tell me the way to make a painting? Coherence is implied here, but how do you go about it? What is the philosophical position in this?