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Monday, July 19, 2010

HEB Cupcake on Red Striped Cloth

This is a wiper for various reasons, the first being the red cloth which I need to study more so I can find the range of variation in this went from orange red in the light to blue red in the semi-light and I couldn't quite get it. There is a touch of green icing on the left lower side of the paper cup that I liked and could have used more of, so next time I will not complain when there is smear-age.


  1. L'essentiel est présent... mes yeux aiment et mon ventre aussi!

  2. Vous êtes très drôle, Martine, et un gourmet, aussi.

  3. I've liked your cupcakes, especially the ones on the patterned surfaces rather than with the patterns in the backdrop and the first one on white still stands up. Nice series!