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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Self/Pursed Mouth

Although this is possibly a little scary in the cosmetic sense, it was a great opportunity to paint grungey shadows and folds, etc. Also, the distortion from the camera elongated the glasses and narrowed the chin so it was very interesting to paint, especially since I am trying to get most everything on a 6" square or as this is, a 6x8". Also, for me, if the image is an unusual one, I am right away interested in how to get that down rather than how to make a painting that looks good. If my prime motivation is to make a painting that looks good, I am lost immediately.


  1. This is awesome, Jean. Even though it is on a small format it looks much larger. The skin tones with the warm and cool colors is so nicely done. I like the glasses and the eyes and that your composition cuts your head off at the eyebrows. Well done!

  2. I find this painting very powerful, honest and visceral. I am also struck by what you wrote . . . you may be moving daily painting out of the salon realm and into a grittier place. Great work!