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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Slippers on Prayer Rug

This one is 8x10 inches, I'm so excited! I've moved up to a larger canvas and it feels like another universe. Those little babies are great discipline, they force economy in many ways. But it is nice to have some room, some air in there, it's like going from a cot to a king sized bed.
Also I am looking at pattern now, at Klimt and Gaudi, and I need room for decorative stuff, all very exciting...


  1. I just might be pattern happy! But I think that they add a lot to the pictures. More of a narrative/story.

  2. This is great, Jean! The slippers look worn and I like that you painted the patterned rug.

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  4. Very nice painting, indeed! Looks very realistic, i nearly can smell them :-)

    There is nothing better than a well worn comfy pair of slippers, they can tell a story..