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Monday, September 6, 2010

Apples, Green Plate (6"square)

My studio time today was sandwiched between two obligations, so I had to get right to it and get finished fast. I often find that is a good situation, because I have to focus. Many times I come to a point where things are not going as I had hoped and I say to myself, ok, I've lost this one, so I'll just go forward and see what I can get out of it anyway. This very often turns out all right and it did today. I was trying to keep my edges very soft, not by going back over them and fixing them, but by getting them that way with the first stroke. And I like the abstract quality and the density of the color. And the brown is a good brown! Also, I like the scale of the piece, so small but compact and energized. I feel like I have made good progress by doing the last 185 paintings.


  1. Love the stripes and the color contrasts! This one really grabs your attention!

  2. Vraiment très réussi Jean... Bisous

  3. it is really nice

  4. Love the stripes, Jean! I am so impressed with this one. The apples are beautifully molded and the plate is rendered with such lovely color.