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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Still Life With Pecan (8x6")

Today was a horrible painting day. I began with a prepared 8x10" board and a set up with a bowl of prickly pear apples, odd shaped bananas and some pecans. It was the bowl I couldn't get, and I couldn't leave it until I got it, and I never got it, had to wipe it. Even if I had got the bowl, it was looking.....academic. AAAAAUUUGH! So at 3:00 pm I chucked the 8x10 and started a 6x8 for today's post, which you see here. Still pretty tight though, and I was feeling really furious and thinking that fury would propel me somewhere, but no! Still in the same place.


  1. I do know, so well, that compulsive feeling and it makes painting be a torturous experience, which is the exact opposite of how I wanted to spend my day. Sometimes, I miraculously get better by not working. :-) I do believe what everyone says: that painting every day is really important . . . except that sometimes it's better not to.

  2. I'd hate to count how many wipe outs I've had!! Sometimes when it's not working it's just best to take a rag to it. There is always another day, another painting and another learning experience.

  3. Actually, I like this, even though you don't! You remember your feelings and I come to it with fresh eyes.

    And boy do we all know about wiping it off!