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Monday, April 4, 2011

Fruit on Plaid

This plaid is a lot to grapple with. It is silk taffeta, so it has sheen and shadow right next to each other that are different colors altogether which is maddening. Then it has LOTS of up and down stripes that are regular. I think plaid is such a strong element that it has to be softened somehow otherwise it shouts over the rest of the painting rather than being integral to it. I tried various methods of softening them, one over the other, therefore, lots of paint. I learned a lot though, and am getting more comfortable with it. When you can get plaid to work ---bashment!


  1. Well, the fruit is definitely the star of this production! Beautiful values, and the grapes look translucent.

    However, I'm in awe of the fabric. You did a wonderful job of softening it, with various shades of shadow and light. Well done!

  2. Really like this one- major wow. Great composition. I really like the rounded grapes and the pear shape against all the graphic goodness of the plaid. Ya did great.

  3. Nice one Jean! Love the grapes and the way that you handled the checkerd towel!

  4. Your work is wonderful. You have such a good design and color sense. One of my regrets is not buying one of your pieces of pottery back in the Idaho days!