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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Girl in Plaid

Well, I have to do something that is purely fun tomorrow, because every last brain cell I have is fried. Last weekend I bought a postcard of a head Velasquez had done of the Infanta Princess Something, I can't remember her name. She has elaborate hair, but the whole thing is very simple, even the form of the hair is simple, with an indication of pearls and curls within it. And I approached this determined to simplify (except for the plaid) and yet.....sometimes it just exceeds my grasp. I take my hat off to him, again.


  1. This composition is great! I love the chair back that extends off the canvas. You did a wonderful job of capturing the posture and expression of a mischievous little girl. (And not a bad job on the plaid! LOL)

  2. Love the point of view, and the way you captured her child like posture. Nice!

  3. There is so much that's great about this (including the plaid!). And the hands are beautiful. The only thing I wonder (not having seen the reference)—could her eyes be a little too far apart? Overall, very, very nice!