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Monday, April 11, 2011

Portrait of a Cabbage

Thank you, Plaid Supporters. I went looking for some new ones, but plaid is not a summer thing apparently - fall is for plaid. I DID find though a few interesting prints and also this movie star of a cabbage at a small community market. The pink and blue in the cloth were sort of florescent colors, delicate but pop-strong at the same time. To keep it from being too dotty, which is ok too, but I took a broad piece of cardboard and dragged it across some parts of the painting to obliterate some edges. I like this tool and process -- it kind of binds everything together.


  1. love the cabbage, Jean.... really cool, and a different composition, too, and it really works with the background.... cool beans !

  2. I like the right color of the cabbage...