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Monday, July 12, 2010

Grapes, Turquoise Bowl

I bought grapes with the express purpose of learning to paint them, even though I dreaded all those little rabbit pellets of form grouped together - How to paint them as one mass? I separated them into smaller groups to see how they looked. Still clumpish. Then I ate some of them, carefully picking out inner grapes by the stem, to make some space in there. I took the big long bunch and laid it across a plastic turquoise bowl to get it out of the way while I ate my way to a perfectly shaped small group. Then I looked over at the long bunch hanging over the bowl, and I could see how it would be done! And I did it! Now I love grapes.


  1. J'aime la manière que cette grappe est peinte, elle épouse la forme de la coupelle. Et les couleurs sont magnifiques.

  2. Great job! I like the turquoise bowl. The grapes really come forward.

  3. Hi Jean, I saw this painting and nearly shrieked, because I did one almost exactly like it years ago: red grapes in a turquoise Fiestaware bowl. Your painting is much livelier than mine, but I will try to find a picture of it to scan, because I did it in the days long before digital photos. Now I'm headed to look at more of your art. You're so talented, I can't wait.