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Friday, August 6, 2010

Boy Cupcake with Aggressive Icing (7x5")

The cupcake people can't understand why I am buying so many cupcakes, so finally I told them I was painting them, doing paintings of them, not actually painting on the cupcakes. Then they were thrilled and wanted to make very good cupcakes for the paintings and so made cupcakes with piles and piles of frosting. See above. The other five cupcakes are sculptures in themselves with twirls and curlicues that defy my painting skills. They must be eaten.


  1. This is hilarious, Jean!!! A cupcake with a pompadour! Your painting skills are great on this icing. Cupcake Noir and this one remind me of Mr. Bill on SNL so long ago . . . :-)

  2. LOL! I love that the cupcake people are now trying to impress you with their frosting skills. Maybe they would accept a trade... one of your paintings for a supply of cupcakes. :D