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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Plums on Checks (6"square)

So...back in the saddle again.
I wanted to paint these plums on this strongly patterned cloth to see if I could make them show up. I mean -- what is the line of confusion, where does it exist relative to comprehension of the whole, and is it pleasurable to see, or just irritating? I see that there is a long long way to go before it gets confusing. I wonder if it can be confusing in a good way, not bewildering but exciting (best case scenario) Somebody must already have done this..... let me know who if you know.


  1. Very lovely plums! I enjoy the fabric behind them, I think they do stand out. I've been using fabrics in my still lifes (if it' multiple still lifes is it still lifes or still lives?). Anyway, I think it worked, red is my favorite color so I like the boldness. I think that a lot of one color can make a stronger statement.

  2. I can see you are also a 'more is more' person,thanks Çarrie.

  3. This painting seems quite successful to me! To answer your question, Matisse comes to mind, but I don't know if in the same way. Matisse, I think, was trying to flatten out the space, but that doesn't seem to be your aim. If you look at the Hermitage site, there are a few still-lifes and interiors that play with pattern. Diebenkorn may have played with the idea in his early work?

  4. Yes, I think so to both --- but I DO want it flat. But I also want it 3 dimensional, I want modeling. I want both! I will go to that site, didn't know there was one! Thanks!