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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Peaches, Grapes on White Napkin (8"Square)

I was intent on getting a cross for a composition, a strong vertical and horizontal. There is sort of a little gap between the two groups of fruit that thwarted this goal and then the fold of cloth runs thought it to further draw your eye down. Somedays it's always something.


  1. Beautiful refined folds in the napkin . . . very lush shimmery whites and delicate cast shadows! And lovely reflected lights and modeling on the peach at bottom left. You've also got a great facility with all the different textures.

  2. The gap is interesting. I like it, it's like the cool fruits versus the not so cool fruits:) The balance of color is very nice. The line and gap give it a lovely asymmetry. Great job!

  3. Thanks, you guys...lovely to hear.