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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cupcake for Botticelli (6" square)

This was fun. Also my own baked cupcakes were so pedestrian that I went back to try to find the cupcake shoppe again and this time they were open and sure enough, they had the Marilyn Monroe of cupcakes, the Venus of cupcakes! And they cost like Marilyn, too. But anything for art.


  1. Beautiful background colors. The pink in the icing is nice, too. And the cherry on top - yum! Have you eaten your subject? :-)

  2. no, but it is a terrible temptation!!! When I made them myself I put salt in the batter so I wouldn't eat them, but these are perfect and they smell good too, as the lights get hotter they send out a buttery sugary fragrance. Very difficult!

  3. I am in love with her! And laughed out loud! This is the first time it
    occurred to me that Boticelli may have had a sense of kitsch? Why have I never questioned that painting before? You're really pushing your subject matter . . . I can almost feel her hair flowing with the wind. Brava!!! (Not sure if that's correct in Italian? :-) )

  4. Love the title. This painting is so pretty and feminine and delicious! Great job! Salt in the batter, that's hard core:)