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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Brushes, Paint Tubes (5x5")

I thought I would try for an image that would be ok to put on a business card, as I need some, and I like the quirky products at They have a space for artwork and info on one side and a variety of patterns on the other, or interesting stripes, etc. So this is the first of the possible choices. The tricky bit here is that if you grow to dislike your painting or you radically improve or launch in a completely new direction, you are stuck. But then, if you buy them and improve radically, it would be a small price to pay and you could wallpaper the bathroom with the patterned side out.


  1. Very nice, Jean! I like the reds.

    I have the mini cards from Moo and I think I chose 7 or 8 different paintings (only part of the painting is used). Anyway, I really like them and the quality is very good.

  2. Not to sound the redundant, but I love the reds in this piece and the composition.... Maybe I am part hummingbird, because I think that they are drawn to the color red...