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Monday, October 18, 2010

Mama Belle's Sugar Bowl Lid/ Still Life (8 " square)

I wanted to try something more complex and larger and still use the big brush, keeping as loose as I could and getting shapes blocked in simply. This approach is definitely quicker and forces me to simplify the information. In addition, I have been reading Schmid's Alla Prima for the second time - I understand more this time - and am now in the discussion about what one wants out of the painting, color, values, drawing or design. And of course, he says you should only have one for an effective painting, and then don't finish out all the other aspects. So I'm just thinking on that one to see how it fits. I did make the conscious decision that color was the thing I wanted here -- but I think really it is design that I wanted -- the interconnectedness of disparate parts and the way they sit across the picture plane. But how can you not choose color? I have to ruminate on all this. Or marinate.


  1. Belle composition... je ne serais pas capable de travailler avec de gros pinceaux... Effectivement ils doivent vous obliger à aller à l'essentiel. Bisous

  2. Oui, vous pouvez Alison --si je peux le faire, vous pouvez le faire !