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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Asters, Freud (8"square)

Today I used a round brush and I loved it! The entire painting experience was more fluid and natural, no fighting against anything. A pointed brush offers lots of mark making opportunities and directional stuff. I was able to leave some edges unfinished, for instance in the font and it feels ok to do it and looks (to me) like there is enough done. I also did a small narrow painting of the little pink glass with the round brush. I set up outside in the driveway and taped everything down to a little table. That was my first plein aire shot and it was a different kettle of fish. Wind blowing, flowers flopping, blistering sunlight and shadows that were stronger than the forms. I can see you have to keep making adjustments until you figure how to get what you need to best paint. But the light was really gorgeous.
I have a workshop coming up Monday and Tuesday, see you Wednesday.


  1. I love this one, Jean! One of my favorites! Really nice value changes on the vase. And the flowers have just the right amount of detail.

    I haven't used a round brush, but I have been painting with a filbert, and I love the softer edges I get. Be sure to tell us about your workshop!

  2. Love your work and use of color especially. Great stuff!

  3. Really nice, Jean! Makes me want to try a round brush. The vase is nicely done and I really like the letters in the background. Makes a great composition.

  4. Nice painting and good lettering! That is not easy.

  5. I like your composition, wiyj letters, and your colors!

  6. Jean, I too love working with a round brush. Filbert, being second, then flats. I read someplace that round brushes are the best selling brush with the artisan line of synthetic brushes for water soluble oils (which is what I use.) LOVE your art!!