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Friday, October 8, 2010

Mechanical Bird and Peanut Butter Cupcake (6"square)

I've been missing the bird, so I went for another cupcake pairing. Lately I have been using a burnt sienna wash on the gessobord and drying it well with a blast from the hair dryer, so it's good and dry when I put down the paint. In this case, it gave a pink tinge to the white area which I like. Also I have been making a concerted effort NOT to blend at all, but to mix a transition tone when the value difference is too great between paint pieces or shapes, maybe you call them patches. My brain resists this! It takes more time and concentration, I have to slow down and figure out what the transition tone is and how to get it. Of course I am thinking this will only happen at first, and soon I will be figuring those tones easily and naturally, and I am really looking forward to this.


  1. This is really good, Jean! I enlarged it so I can see your brushstrokes. That cupcake paper is awesome! I can see your different colors and individual strokes. Nice!

  2. Thanks Virginia -- I saw from a comment you made somewhere else that you are struggling with the blending thing too - it seems like it can't be grasped sometimes!

  3. Merveilleux travail encore !!! Attention, que faites-vous de vos gâteaux ensuite ? Vous invitez les copines ???
    C'est génial tout de même, votre peinture se transforme en crème dessert... ou bien vous transformez la crème dessert en peinture ! Bisous

  4. My paintings are as smooth as a baby's behind! LOL! I just can't seem to help it! My first stroke is never the right value, so I keep adding and blending!

  5. I agree. The cupcake paper is awesome. Interesting combo of cupcake and bird.

  6. Is that a marble on top of the cupcake? What a fun idea, all of it. Love the accordion folds of the paper.