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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two Self Portraits, (12x10 and 10x8 inches)

These are the self portraits my student and I painted. Although often harrowing, I think portrait painting is the most exciting painting experience. I have a heightened feeling of athleticism -- like I need to be on my toes with all my core muscles clenched for balance and all the pistons firing. It takes the most of all I have. I am happy to report that with a minimum of harassment I got my student to give me hers.


  1. Excellent, Jean. Your warm and cool colors on the face are great!

  2. Your self-portrait is very powerful, Jean! Engaging every fiber of your being really poured your energy onto the canvas.

  3. I was sort of expecting someone would make fun of me in all that red lipstick, which I never wear, but then it turned out it was me after all....
    Thanks for those nice words everyone!