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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Peach and Vine (6"square)

Yesterday morning early I stumbled on Jeff Mahorney's blog in which he discussed what he learned from doing 120 paintings. He has it listed under "What I Learned" just under his portrait ( There is a long and a short version, but don't miss the long one. It is a concise distillation of many technical and creative issues and I found them extremely helpful and even comforting. He also has a really interesting blog, don't miss it!


  1. Jean, you have really been painting and posting faithfully. I have heard the expression before, "miles on the brush". You'll be getting your miles of canvas covered at this rate. Keep it up!

    I like this painting, especially the reflections in the glass and the way the water distorts the image of the plate.

    And I love Jeff Mahoney's "What I Learned"!! Those voices in may head came again yesterday about halfway through my art class. My spirits were sagging, but I kept painting because I am paying for that class.
    It did get better.

  2. You're making me want to paint peaches! I've never tried. I did spend a little time looking at Jeff Mahorney's site and really enjoyed it . . . very astute and articulate and some really terrific paintings. Thanks so much for telling us about him.

  3. Hey Jean, Thanks for mentioning me. Very much appreciated and I probably forgot to tell you because I'm a dolt. Anyway, thanks.

    Peach and Vine is delightful. Your glass has a great crisp sense of light to it. And the lost edge on the vine leaf as it meets the dark side of the peach: sublime. lost and lovely. :)