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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Three Apples

This is a little warm up I did this morning to get ready for the real stuff, and then the real stuff was no good, so now this one is the default real stuff - complete with raindrops because it is raining here and the photographing light is also terrible. Also, a word about apples: troublesome. Because the values change and the color changes and the temperature changes all in the same two inches, I am always a little shaken at the prospect of simplifying and getting the info down. I decided after watching my workshop artists pound through the exercises I set them and radically improve that I must do the same and just stick at it. We'll see how many it takes before I get it. The workshop and the people were fun and as usual, I learned a lot.


  1. I so well know exactly what you mean after 3 days of painting and wiping peaches . . . so many color and value changes all right next to each other, it's mind-boggling! It's good you stuck with it!

  2. I agree, apples look deceptively simple. Troublesome is a perfect word, especially those that aren't solid red. You did a great job on these! I like that little turquoise highlight on the middle apple.